Headshot of Daelyn Julius

Practice Areas
Wills, Trusts, Probate, Estate Tax Planning.


  • BA: Western Washington University
  • JD: Gonzaga University 
  • LLM: (Masters in Tax) University of Denver

Before joining VJG in 2016, I worked at the Worth Law Group doing the same thing.  I have been practicing in the Estate Planning realm for over 10 years.

Pierce County Washington Women Lawyer’s Judicial Evaluation Committee; Green Trike (formerly Tacoma Children’s Museum) Gala Committee Member; and Professional Advisor Committee Member for the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.

Something You are Most Proud of Professionally

That my colleagues trust me to assist their families.

3 Things A Client Wouldn’t Know About You

  • I find demolition cathartic;
  • Avid children’s book reader;
  • I turned down an offer to go to college debt-free to become an Attorney.

Why You Decided to Be an Attorney

I wanted to help individuals (originally juveniles) because I saw all of the efforts my Mom went to try to help 30 kids each year and how disheartening it was when she struggled to effectuate real change in a child’s life.

Why You Decided to Practice and/or Continue Practicing This Type of Law

Truth is, I hated law school, but after my first experience actually practicing law, I was hooked. I drafted a Will for a terminally ill individual second year of law school, and she cried when she signed it. After seeing the look of relief and gratitude, I knew that was what I wanted to do every day.

I continue practicing this type of law because every day is different, each client presents their own unique set of challenges, and I love that.

When You Leave the Profession, What Do You Want to Be Known For

I never wanted to work in the biggest firm or make the most money, I honestly wanted to be the best Attorney I could be.

As an Attorney, What Makes You Stand Out

  • Looking at each client as an individual
  • Ability to foresee and potentially prevent future problems
  • Providing education to my clients