Headshot of Erin Sullivan-Byorick

Practice Areas

School Law; Special Education; Intellectual Property, Worker’s Compensation, Employment Discrimination Complaints


B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology (UW); Juris Doctorate (Seattle U)

Following college, I spent time at the University of Washington, participating in research related to neuroplasticity and immunology. 

After law school, I joined the City of Everett as a domestic violence prosecutor, gaining valuable litigation experience conducting bench and jury trials. I began representing large businesses in 2004 in various employment matters. I joined Vandeberg, Johnson & Gandara, PS in 2011 and became a shareholder in 2012. 


I joined VJG in 2011, transferring as a lateral from a Seattle boutique firm focusing on employment-related matters.

3 Things You Are Most Proud of Professionally

  • Building relationships with clients and opposing parties to facilitate cooperation;
  • Thinking outside the box for solutions;
  • Encouraging an inclusive mindset in resolving disputes.

3 Things A Client Wouldn’t Know About You

  • I love all kinds of food. Especially dessert. I may have a second stomach just for dessert.
  • I love animals, and my home zoo currently holds a rabbit, three dogs, parakeets, and so many fish I've lost count.
  • I considered going into teaching as I like sharing information and knowledge. I approach litigation as an opportunity to collaborate, learn with, and learn from my clients, opposing parties, witnesses, as well as the judge. 

 Why You Decided to Practice and/or Continue Practicing This Type of Law

I enjoy intellectual challenges and trying to find solutions. Litigation is never boring, and I have never tried two of the “same” cases. The issues may be the same, but the people involved or the facts leading to the issues are not. I also really enjoy the people I work with on both sides. I learn something new every time I try a case, including from my opponents. This grants me a better understanding of both the problems and possible solutions.

When You Leave the Profession What Do You Want to Be Known For

I want to be known for building bridges and finding solutions. For special education, I advocate for children by ensuring that Districts provide the appropriate services and programming for the students and their needs. For businesses, I help find ways to find common ground between employers and their employees by not only identifying ways to reduce risk and ensure that the workplace is equitable but also ensuring that resources are available when needed for all employees. I want to be known as someone to work with, not against.