Vol. 2017-3

2017 Third Quarter Tax Calendar

July 31, 2017

IRS Form 5500 or 5500-EZ due for calendar year 2016 for employer retirement plans.

September 15, 2017

Third installment of 2017 estimated income tax for individuals due.

2016 S corporation tax returns due if a 6-month extension was obtained. 

Calendar year corporations must deposit third installment of 2017 estimated income tax.

2016 Partnership tax returns due if a 6-month extension was obtained.


Get Ready for New Area Code

             You are probably aware by now that beginning on July 29th all local calls in Western Washington are required to use 10-digit numbers, including the area code.  This is in preparation for the use of a new additional area code (564) throughout Western Washington, which will begin effective August 28th.  If you already have an assigned area code (253, 360, 206 or 425), that will not change.  However, beginning on August 28th new phone service may be assigned the new 564 area code.  This will apply to both business and residential service. 

            If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new area code, you can contact the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Help Line at 1-888-333-9882, or email consumer@utc.wa.gov

After Hours

            When warm weather finally arrives in Western Washington, we are all anxious to get out our barbecues, if they haven’t completely rusted through during the long rainy winter.  That means hamburgers, ribs, steaks and chops.  For wine drinkers this may present a dilemma, as there are very few wines which can stand up to a barbecued piece of meat.  While some subscribe to the theory that any wine can be drunk with any food, it is often disappointing when a wine is overpowered by barbecue.  For those of you who have a favorite wine you like to drink with barbecue then you should, by all means, continue to enjoy that wine.  However, for the rest of us who have struggled to find a wine which complements barbecue, I have a suggestion which I recently discovered.  Zinfandel was really made for barbecue.  No, I am not talking about White Zinfandel, but the real thing.  The deep, rich, red classic Zinfandel.  Although I have not tasted a large number of Zinfandels, my favorites are Dashe Dry Creek Zinfandel and Cline Zinfandel.  These wines are not expensive.  The Dashe retails for around $18 and the Cline for around $14.  This time of year, they often can be found on sale for less.  If you haven’t already tried Zinfandel with barbecue, I suggest the next time you get out your barbecue grill you grab a bottle of your favorite Zinfandel to complement the meal.  The Zinfandel (like all red wines) is better if served slightly chilled (around 55°-60° or so). 

            For those who want a lighter wine to go with barbecued seafood or who just want something lighter with their barbecue, try a glass of Rose such as Barnard-Griffin Rose of Sangiovese or A to Z Rose of Pinot Noir.